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I will leave it up to the community to determine the direction of this tool. There are some areas which would be interesting to move towards, as there are many scenarios that are rather tedious / manual for publishing reports currently.

PerformancePoint Target Location Redirection

  • Status: Feature in Tracker - on Radar
Currently, this tool moves PerformancePoint (PPS) Elements from the source to target retaining the same naming and structure as it came from. For some people, it might be useful to have the PPS elements moved with a suffix (or prefix) attached for side-by-side testing. And it might be helpful to have the linked reports be retargeted to point to different Libraries / folders within Sharepoint/PAS

This does not apply to Proclarity since the tool works directly on the reports. And it does not apply to the Excel Serivce direct updates since the target URL is included.

PPS Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report Support

  • Status: Feature in Tracker - on Radar
I have not worked with SSRS reports in my current work. If someone has and would like to work with me, we might be able to find a way to integrate support to allow redirecting the PPS Report's target server.

Deploying PPS Dashboard

  • Status: Method is known, time needed to code up solution
Currently, all of the elements are update, but if the dashboard itself is modified or components added/removed, it will need to be manually deployed. There are a string of Sharepoint Webservice calls when this happens to put the files at the target location and make it available. I'm thinking if instead of deploying, focusing on "Publishing" from PPS and then just make some more general elements in the config to copy files, or a folderful of files to SharePoint as-is, which would then work.

Updating Post-Deployed PPS Webparts

  • Status: Idea Percolating... needs a bit more research to link webpart with PPS element
Ever want to remove chrome on a webpart, or adjust the template externally (sharepoint site is secured from template modifications)? Then being able to adjust the webpart that PPS generates would be very helpful. Currently we are actually doing this as manual steps after we deploy (when we need to). It would be nice to use the Webpart ASMX to make adjustments as needed and remove the manual step.

Deploying PAS Reports

  • Status: Stalled - Would be nice, not sure how to continue
It might be helpful to have the tool actually take PAS reports from a source and deploy them on a target. In looking at this briefly, I have no idea how the Books are generated when sent to the server for an update, so any help would be appreciated.

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