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API Overview of Public Classes

Actual parameters and values are all discussed in the word documentation file. There is a 1:1 with the xml declarative configuration, and the values below.
  • DeployConfiguration(DeploymentElement deployConfig)
If you want to not use a configuration file, you can use the configuration objects to serialize the configuration data into xml (maybe store in a database?) and then call this method to do all of the work. This might be interesting if someone wanted to make a GUI for setting the configuration :)

DeployUtility Classes

As new external touchpoints are used, a deployutility is created to manage the interactions for them. They all work in a similar way -
  1. You instantiate one
  2. Set the source and target servers/locations
  3. Load from the source
  4. Make transformations
  5. Save to the target
  • UpdateDataConnection(connectionName, newOdcLocation)
  • UpdatePasLookups(pasServerName, sheetName, columnPasPath, columnPasLibraryId, columnPasBookId, columnPasPageId, columnPasServer)
  • UpdateSecurity(credential, role, action)
  • UpdateDataSource(sourceName, sourceServer)
  • UpdateExcelReportLocation(originalSharepointSite, newSharepointSite)
  • UpdateExcelReportParameters(paramName, newParamValue)
  • UpdatePasReportSites(originalPasSite, newPasSite)
  • FindReport(pagePath, out loadedReportDetails)
  • UpdateDataSource(originalServer, newServer)
  • GetDocumentLibraryId(listName)

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