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Project Description
The BI Report Automation Publisher is a command line tool + .net library which provides a more automated way to move reports between servers/environments. Useful when using PerformacnePoint (PPS), Proclarity Analytic Server (PAS) or MOSS/Sharepoint
This was made with publishing elements in PerformancePoint in mind, however, the following publishing scenarios are currently supported:
  • PerformancePoint
  • Proclarity Analytic Server
  • Excel 2007 file used for Excel Services

If you use Proclarity Analytic Server (PAS) and want to integrate reports with PPS (PerformancePoint), you will find there has been a focus in this tool to make it very seamless when switching servers. Including the ability to have a list of links on PPS that point to the PAS reports automatically updated.
About the BI Publsiher

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