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NOTE: Currently, there is full documentation of all of the XML configuraiton accepted in the Word Documentation, and there is a config file provided with the project which uses all of the features. Use those for samples until they are migrated to Wiki pages.

Publishing Scenarios

Proclarity Analytic Services (PAS) Updates
  • Update Data Connections on PAS Reports

PerformancePoint (PPS) Updates
  • Add/Remove Users and Groups
  • Update data sources
  • Point to a different Sharpeoint site for Excel Service Reports
  • Point to a different PAS server for Proclarity reports
  • Make updates for specific PPS elements using PPS Properties

Excel Reporting Updates
  • Change an olap datasource to use a different Data Connection Library (DCL)
  • Update IDs for Proclarity Reports on a worksheet - Useful if IDs are exposed as Hyperlinks in a named range for PPS display.

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