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Console Application

The releases will include a ZIP of the console application and supporting DLL. You will need to update the application config file.

There is a Word Document which highlights all of the syntax accepted and what the configuration options are. Use that to help craft what you want to do. There are also some sample configurations I've used when creating this tool which can be used to help guide you when you make your settings.

In the configuration, find the root node:
		<deployment type="demo">

  • Open a CMD window.
    • Open the window as Administrator if using Server 2008 or Vista (option on right-click menu)
  • Start application from CMD window and enter the deployment type attribute as the parameter to the app. Ex: BIRAP demo
    • Use the messaging reported from the app to see how it is going. Any access issues or bad paths will be identifiable in the output.

.Net DLL Integration - BIPublish.DLL

The DLL packaged with the application provides different classes where you can work with the different targets and pass in strict values, if you do not want to use the configuration file.

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