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Current Features

PerformancePoint (PPS) Publishing

Moves elements from one server to another, adjusting server specific settings for related elements automatically including:
  • PPS Data Connections
  • Proclarity Analytic Server Report Links
  • Excel Service SharePoint Links
  • Excel Service Parameters
  • Add/Remove Credentials

Proclarity Analytic Server (PAS)

  • Update report page connection properties to redirect to a different SSAS server.

Excel Services

  • Dynamically change link to Office Data Connection file.
  • Provide a seamless way to create a list of Links to Proclarity Analytic Server reports


  • Net configuration API is used, allowing flexible XML Configuration and validation.
  • Command Line tool execution, Output sent to tracelistener and is configurable.
  • Use MSBuild or WIX to inject properties into the Config file before execution, to truly integrate this in the build/deploy environment.

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